About Me

I’m natasha berta

What is it about me that sets me apart from other marketing consultants?

I am VERY action oriented.

I can teach you stuff.

I can advise you.

But ACTION is my secret sauce.

I am a change agent.

If you come in contact with me, things in your business are going to change.

Satisfied Clients

Cups of tea a day

Gorgeous Children

YouTube Views

“Natasha is excellent at what she does and is doing. She gently guides you to understand your own individual marketing needs AND then makes it happen.”

My Skills

I have a Bachelor of Commerce with Majors in Interactive Marketing but more than that I care. I am super creative and work intuitively. I am also a lover of systems that create ease.
I seem to fall in love with my clients because they are doing incredible work in the spaces of healing, mentoring and life transformation.

I have a background in yoga and mindfulness so I usually “get” you and can speak your language.

The best thing to do is to meet each other and have a chat.


  • Love
  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Actual Marketing
Her intuitive wisdom and sense of humour really support me in getting my message clear and the next steps in connecting with my people and growing my business.
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