Once you are set up on MailChimp you might be ready to grow your list and have more people you can communicate with who are interested in your business.

I have pulled together some of my most watched MailChimp tutorials to help you grow your following, create more impact and make more revenue in your business.

You can get sign-ups from your website

Keep the conversation going.

Once people have checked you out on your website, it’s important to stay in touch with them and allow them to move along in their customer journey with you. A website sign-up form is a great way to do that.

If your website uses a builder….

Then it’s slightly different…

Here’s an example of putting a sign-up form on a website with a builder. This time you need a tiny piece of code. I’ll show you how.

What about automations?

These are also called nurture sequences…

Here’s how you can give a lot of love to your followers. This is likely to help them get to know you and be more ready to buy.

Once people sign up you might like to send them to your website…

Maybe you want to deliver an eBook or up-sell to another product…

MailChimp has got you covered. Here’s how:

Do you have an eBook you want to give to people?

You can do that using MailChimp.

Once you have it read as a pdf. file you can deliver it using MailChimp. Here’s how:

And now you’ll need a landing page to get your eBook in front of people

You can use the free version of MailChimp to create a branded landing page for your eBook.

Here’s how to set it all up so it’s branded and appealing – not like the simple sign up form.

After you’ve given the free eBook..

It’s a good idea to mention a paid service or product.

Here’s how to make a template from a previous email you sent out.

Move people from one list to another

If you’ve run a challenge or webinar you might want to add people to your main list.

The best ways to build your lists is with great freebies. Challenges, mini-trainings with multiple videos, webinars, and masterclasses are all great options. And then afterward you’ll want to move those participants over to your main newsletter list to keep the conversation going.

Notifications for new subscribers

Do you want to hear from MailChimp for every new subscriber you gain?

Whether you want to hear from MailChimp more or less often, here is how to edit your notification settings.

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