Have you ever written a great blog post and really nailed the layout and flow? 
Maybe you’re wondering what makes a great blog layout? 
Today I’d love to share with you, my take on an ideal blog layout that will optimise social shares, save you time (!) with a template and create easy reading for your audience. 
Let’s go!

The video below shows you exactly how to do this step by step but let me outline some of the main points here for you too. You’ll find them under the video 😊

Ok – the main thrust of an ideal blog layout is to guide the reader with digestible bits of text, interspersed with images and scattered with social media sized images. 
I strongly recommend you have a Pinterest sized image and you include videos and audios in your blog for accessibility and SEO. 
I’ve also mentioned getting access to my template for the ideal blog layout which I’ve included below.
This process is really only suitable if you have a Divi themed WordPress website. If you do, go ahead and download the JSON file and uppload it to your Divi Librabry. Then it will be accessible in YOUR Divi librabry
I’ll be sharing step by step instructions on how to do that very soon if it sounds too tricky 🙂 

Do you need a hand with your WordPress website?

I can help you I can also help with Wix and Squarespace. Book a free 30 minute chat now and let’s see what is working for your website and what you might change. We can also see if I am the girl for the job. 

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