If you want to revamp an existing site, get a few things tweaked or build a whole new site, I can help you. 

website work with natasha

Do i need wordpress? what about wix and squarespace?

Slow down, slow down! 

If you already have your hosting and domain set up – we can probably work with that. 

If you haven’t purchased anything yet I can really work with that! 

What we really need is just a no-obligation chat about your website project to figure out what you have, what you need and if I can help you. 


How much will a website cost is like asking how long is a piece of string? I create simple, gorgeous websites at a really reasonable price. Let’s make a time to talk about your needs and I can tell you a price for your project. They usually range between $295 and $3200+

Built from Scratch

Rest Assured Nth Qld

Built from Scratch

Wandering Fields

Built from Scratch

Karen Humphries

Built from Scratch

The Crossing Land

Built from Scratch

Sabine Harth

Revamp of existing site

Kat Smith

Built from Scratch

Healing with Alyse

Built from Scratch

Fermaculture Farm

Revamp of existing site

Marna Smith

Divi WordPress Theme

My favourite way to create websites is from scratch!

I support my clients to buy their domain and hosting and then create a gorgeous, simple WordPress website using Divi theme.

Many of the “built from scratch” projects included MailChimp set up and integrations, WooCommerce for selling on the site, SSL certificate set up & redirects from the existing site.

If none of that is making sense, don’t worry!

Book a free chat and I can put in it into human language for you 🙂

want to move forward?

Let’s have a chat.

There are generally a lot of steps on the “setting up your website” journey


people’s journey on the website path is very varied.

No two people need the same website support.

The best thing to do if you like the look of the sites I’ve created before and you’re interested in my pricing is to make a booking for a free 15-minute chat.

Go for it!

Join the Webinar Webinar

Have you been wanting to run a webinar but feel challenged by the tech? 

Join me on July 3rd at 10am Sydney time for the Webinar Webinar and I'll show you how to do the webinar tech with ease. 

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