Do you have a WordPress website with the Divi theme?

Do you have your moments with it?

Like moments where you’d like to throw your computer at the wall?

I’m hoping that this series of videos can help you.

This is part one of a collation of the best Divi tips from my YouTube channel.


Video #1- Sections, Rows, Modules and how to change them

In this video, I’m teaching you how to log in, how to use access the Visual Builder, the difference between Sections, Rows, and Modules, how to edit all of these (a little start), how to save your work and how to exit the visual builder.

Video #2 – Use Layouts and Customise them for quick, gorgeous pages

In this video, I’m showing you how to create a new page, get it instantly set up with a layout and then edit the page so it has your brand fonts, images, and text.

Video #3 – Using the “Edit Page/post” mode

Sometimes you need to make changes to your site that can’t be made from the visual builder. So in this video I’m showing you Edit Mode and the things you can change from there.

Video #4 – Theme Customiser for site wide changes

There are so many ways you can edit your Divi site. Here’s how to use the theme customiser for making site-wide changes, menu changes, navigation changes and more. 

Video #5 – Page settings for social media shares and more!

Today I’ll show you an alternate way to edit your social media previews if you don’t have Yoast. There are lots of other things you can change about your page from the page settings too!

Video #6 – Get your images right

Sometimes when you upload your images into your Divi site they don’t display the same size. Then your page starts to look completely different and maybe not so beautiful. So it’s important that you learn how to get your images right. Here’s how. 

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